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News - NOVEMBER, 11 2013

Veterans Day AT&T ad is up on the AT&T facebook page and website. 

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News - October, 6 2013


News - July, 16 2013

Visible Scars by Richard Turke, is now available on paperback at Barnes and Noble.

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Visible Scars




Stacy Walker flees to her uncle's old secluded cabin in the woods to escape from her abusive boyfriend. Once in the solitude of the mountain forest, she feels free to explore her thoughts on her unfortunate situation. Soon she realizes that she is not alone in the forest. That first night she is haunted by a ghost of a little girl searching for her mother. Stacy learns that she is in a forest where lost hikers and wandering strangers disappear under the child like laughter of the ghost. Detective Black retires, ...

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News - July 15, 2013

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AT&T Advertisement has arrived for Veterans Day!

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