Clark was born and raised in the small border city of Laredo, Texas.  An area of vast ranch land and rich with natural gas.  As the son of a sporting goods store owner/rancher, he spent most of his time outdoors.  This was because he spent many days afterschool working at his fathers store, while weekends and summers were spent working at the ranch.  Because of his love of the outdoors and being in nature, he was hunting and fishing anytime he could. 


He attended St. Augustine High School, a small private Catholic high school in Laredo.  The strict rules of the school didn't sit well with him and he found himself in trouble more often than he wanted.  Especially living in a border town of Mexico where just across the Rio Grande river a teenager could legally drink alcohol, get into the clubs, and many other things that you couldn't do legally in the U.S.. Needless to say Clark and his friends found themselves in Mexico many weekend nights.  Since very early on Clark knew he wanted to be an actor, so naturally during Junior and Senior years of highschool he jumped at the opportunity to join drama class.  He didn't learn to act there but thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the attention.


Clark knew he couldn't stay in Laredo.  A town that small wasn't able to offer him what he wanted.  So he attended a college as far away from home as he could while still remaining in Texas.  He went to the University of North Texas in Denton.  A university North of Dallas and close to the Oklahoma border.  He attended with the idea that he would be able to work more on acting and movie making, but come to find out those departments were practically nonexistent at the school.  So in order to transfer he focused on studying to pick up his grades so that he could transfer to a University that was more his speed with the biggest and best film department in TX at the time.  The University of Texas at Austin.  A University of more than forty thousand students (at that time), a legitimate film program, and bustling city with lots going on, even a thriving although incredibly small film making market.  Being at a big school with lots of resources at his disposal, Clark had a full mix of academic courses, creativity with film making and extracurricular activities.  However towards his final year of graduating he realized that even his acting/filmaking experiences at the University were not going to cut it and he had to make much bigger moves.  





Early in his career in Los Angeles, Clark struggled to make ends meet with his acting, getting cast in commercials from time to time while holding down jobs in order to pay bills.  However, his grit and tenacity only grew as rejection and failure piled up.  It became par for the course and through the work and persevearance slowly came costar role after costar role.  These were on network shows such as Masters of Sex and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  As a few years went by his resume grew and he was able to Catch the eye of directors and casting directors which led him to start book a recurring role on the show The Last Ship.  That same year he was chosen out of thousands of actors which were being cast out of New York, Miami, Atlanta, London and Los Angeles to play the lead in the new 10 minute segment promo for Mini Cooper directed by Academy Award winning director Joachim Bach in a film called This Day Forward.  This fortunate event was a catalyst that helped move him into being a working actor, and this only allowed for the size of role to grow.  A year later he played the lead in Aaron Manky's Amazon Prime show Lore in The Beast Within.  Clark went on to Star in the lead in his first feature film Lyla due to be released in 2021, and since then has played the lead in 3 other films.  As his career grows and opportunities come his way Clark finds himself still wanting to reach even higher levels with his acting, and get into other areas such as producing.

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